Second entry…

My interest in sports is mostly college football.  Well, let’s be frank, Ohio State College Football.  Basketball?  Nah!  But when I heard that OSU was #1 in basketball and was playing in the March Madness, of course I watched.  I jinxed the team, I guess.  The great-five seemed unable to get the ball into the basket.    Sorry, guys.

I have been a registered Democrat, a registered Republican and a GDI.  But, in my state, in order to vote in the primaries, one has to be registered with one of the two parties.  So I am.  I’ve voted for the candidate, not the party, always.  I voted for President Obama.  Perhaps I thought he would walk on water or something.  So far he hasn’t.  Not that I’m entirely disallusioned, but…

We should be out of Afghanastan, out of Iraq and now, out of Libya.  My three grandsons should not become fodder for some gun.  Going as we are into every country in the Middle East to save it from something or other, we’ll soon need a draft… and then my three grandsons will become fodder.

Doesn’t anyone out there care about this???


First entry…

Hi, there,

I don’t know about you, but I’m just barely keeping up.  Keeping up with what, you ask?  Well, just about everything.  My grandchildren know more about electronics than I do.  Shouldn’t I be teaching them?

How about getting out of Afghanastan?  That country has been invaded for centuries and still no outside force controls it.  What makes us (Americans) think we can do any differently?

And, how about term limits for our elected representatives?

Well, this gives you an idea of what’s on my mind, and the things I’m barely keeping up with.