Another day, another entry

Adding blogs is almost like keeping a diary… I’m barely keeping up!

It seems to me that Pastor Terry Jones in Florida should be charged with inciting a riot, or perhaps aiding and abetting a deadly mob.  How can he get away with only a few words of condemnation?

As for the budget proposals, well, someone this morning said it… “The rich get tax cuts, the poor get benefit cuts.”  I think I may have the answer to what the Republicans, and perhaps some of the Democrats are after.  They want to lower the jobless numbers and here’s how they’ll do it:

Reduce benefits to the poor who will eventually die off for lack of aid.  When that happens there will be fewer of them and they won’t be looking for work.

Oh, my, that sounds extreme.  I’m not nuts, just barely keeping up.  How can we reduce benefits and oversight positions on airline traffic, oil rigs, etc., etc., and reduce educational benefits but not raise taxes on the rich?  At least back to where they were during the presidencies of Ronald Reagan and William Clinton.

What’s wrong with this picture? 

The answer may be found in term limits.  Let’s have one term of six years for the president.  That way, once someone gets in office he/she isn’t trying to raise money for the next term.  All that president is doing is working for the good of the people.  Who’s done that lately?

As for congress – term limits for both the house and senate.  Perhaps greed will begin earlier, but have you notice that many “freshmen” congressmen and senators go to their new jobs with lofty ideals.  That soon changes.  Greed.  Greed.

What about the good of the people?  What about our opinions?  They don’t seem to matter here.  That’s why so many of us are barely keeping up!


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