Here I am again

So now there’s a budget proposal from the Republicans.  Representative Ryan to be exact.  Listening to what is being said about it – from him as well as other Republicans and his Democratic opponents – I’d say it’s extreme.  And why doesn’t it include taxing the rich?  Taxing business?

My parents and grandparents were all Republicans.  They would not recognize the Republicans of today.  What happened to that party?  Where’s the soul?  Where’s the concern for the common man?

The Democrats are not exempt from my ire either.  They should be willing to compromise on Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and the military budget.  Why are we still in Afghanastan?  No one wants us there.  Let’s face reality and get out!!

It’s hard for us Independents to want any of the House Representatives or Senators now in office to stay in office.  Perhaps if we banded together to get them out of office our negative vote would mean more to them than the backing of their rich benefactors. 

We need to reform the campaign system.  Perhaps that would help.  Oh, dear.  Is there anything right just now?


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