Still open for business

So.  After all the drama of the week, building up to a huge climax, we are still open for business.

Frankly, I could not tell whose version was the correct one.  Was it just about cutting more spending or was it about saving Planned Parenthood?  Only the historians will be able to tell us.

Meanwhile, what was cut?  What won’t we see happening anymore?  And why is it that mostly poor people bear the burden of the cuts… not the military (spending how much a day to pay some crooked emir in Afghanastan???)…   Oh, yes.  Perhaps we could cut the trip to Mars.  How much would that save us?

Seems like we might want to concentrate on our earth, not the rocks on a distant planet.  Let’s wait on that until we have more discretionary spending money.

The poor need an advocate – a lobbiest (oh, how awful that word has become!) to save these programs.  The poor are barely keeping up!  And some are not!!


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