Patriotism still lives!

A few days ago I was driving west on I-70.  Leaving Ohio and going into Indiana, the first exit was at Richmond.  There the state police were holdiing back various vehicles so that the motorcyclists could enter the interstate.  Altogether there must have been 100 or more, some wearing a form of the U.S. flag, some not.  They were men and women, some riding singly, some double.  I only saw one child – a boy of about 11, riding behind a man who was probably his father.

Four-wheeled traffic was directed to the left lane so that the motorcyclists were not interrupted.

At times the traffic slowed and during one of those times I called out to a rider to ask where they were headed… “Indianapolis,” she said.  She was there from New York state.  The purpose, as I read on the chase vehicles at the end of this parade was “To Ride in Support of Our Troops.”  These were the Patriot Guards.

They made quite a display, and at each township and local bridge crossing, people waited with flags, with fire trucks and emergency vehicles, in autos, or standing with flags a-flutter to wave at them.  Sometimes people would be parked along parallel side roads, waiting and waving as the Patriot Guards passed by.

It had been raining as I entered Indiana, but soon the sky cleared and the sun shone.  I was warmed by it, and by the fact that patriotism still lives… in the riders and in those who stood overhead or alongside the road and waved at this display.

Maybe there’s hope for us yet!


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