To My Dream Reader

Hello, there, Dream Reader,

I’m glad to see that you are back for another dose of my clever intellect, observations, comments and satire.  Boy, I wish I could manage all that!  Whether I do or not, it’s nice to know that you will read and approve my blog no matter what I say.  Because of that I must try to make every blog worth reading.

Today is a sad day in Paris.  Was it just last month that Australia was experiencing a sad day?  It seems the world is experiencing these sad days too often.  Whether these assassins are religious fanatics, spurred on by racial hatred, the act of an unbalanced person off their meds or overzealous (and over weaponed) police, it happens too often.  What’s the common denominator?  Guns, mostly.

Now, I don’t think everyone should surrender all their guns to law enforcement. But some form of control would help to curb this death-by-bullet time we are living through.  What happens outside the borders of America is someone else’s business, but what happens here is of prime interest to me.  And to you, I would hope, Dream Reader.  Together, and with others who feel this way we should be able to convince our elected officials that we as a people want more control of guns.   Of buying them, selling them, buying guns that expend multiple shots at once, etc., etc.  Let’s be reasonable. Let’s be sensible.  If we cannot convince Congress that we matter more than gun manufacturers, then let us convince our local officials.  This could be a “ground swell” in every community, then every county, then build from there.

So, here in the community where I live the local city council just voted to allow guns to be carried in the parks.  What? Children are in those parks.  Why in the world do we need guns in parks?  Here’s where to start, at the local level.  Dream Reader, if you live a community such as this, you can start a movement to eliminate guns in public places.  That’s the first step.  Good luck.

And hurry back, Dream Reader.  I’ll be here.


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