In Sports, a Perfect Storm

I really don’t watch sports on television, with one exception: Ohio State football. I’m a graduate of The Ohio State University, met my husband there and married him just before our final year. While there I attended the football games, though I may not have appreciated the availability of those tickets at the time.

Ever since OSU football has been shown on TV we’ve carved out the time to watch it, ignoring children, boiling over and burning food, phone calls and just about everything short of hair on fire.

This season we missed some of those early games because our latest mix of television programming did not include a sports-dedicated station. As the season progressed the games were broadcast on the network stations, so it we were able to see the important ones. Then came the playoff for the Conference, (on ABC) then the playoff between #1 (Alabama) and #4 (OSU), also on ABC.

Uh oh. The really, really big, last game of the season for the national championship was only going to be shown on ESPN. So, on Friday before the big game I ordered the entertainment package offered by my TV provider.

But wait! My big, slim, fairly new TV was hiccuping. Off, on. Off, on. What’s that about? At first it did this when it was warming up, then it started doing it when it was several hours into operating. Oh, my. This could be a disaster. We MUST see the game!

In the meanwhile, the DVD player did not work, the other television sets in our house were tiny, tiny and would not satisfy us. It was an electronic nightmare! It was a perfect storm! Of course, it must be a plot, maybe to keep us from seeing that all-important game.

My husband suggested we leave the television set on from Sunday night forward, letting the big set work its way through all the hiccups so that by Monday evening it would have settled down and run as it should. Great idea. It worked.

The Ohio State team went into the game with odds against their winning. After all, the quarterback was from the third string. How could they win? But, oh, boy, they did! We were screaming, moaning, rolling on the floor, jumping up and down. More exercise than we usually get in a week! Had anyone shown up with his/her hair on fire, we would probably had pushed him/her out into the snow.

The game was everything we hoped for, all the better for the effort we made to watch it. Now, next year….


One thought on “In Sports, a Perfect Storm

  1. Unlike you, I frequently watch sports on television. Also unlike you, I am a graduate of Wisconsin and ordinarily would never cheer for Ohio State. But after Ohio State massacred Wisconsin in the Big 10 championship game, I was absolutely delighted to see
    Ohio State ranked high enough to play in the Championsip bowl series. i always cheer for the big 10 when it comes to the bowls and i surely was not disappointed. Congratulations OSU.

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