My Photos, an Explanation

Hello, Fellow Bloggers, Readers, Musers, Curiosity Seekers, Photo Lovers, Et Al,

Would you like to see the whole picture I have included in the background of my site?  Okay, here it is.

Sunset over Lake Erie

Sunset over Lake Erie


And then there’s my Gravatar…romsus


Actually, it is taken from a larger one.  The artist made us look like Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn, don’t you think? Yes, he’s my significant other.  When we first met he had a lot more hair!


Lastly, here’s my “brand” photo…Curtiss JN "Jenny" c. 1918

“I can understand the Gravatar” you might be saying, “and why you cut off half the photo, after all, this blog is about you, not you and your mate.  And the photo of the sunset?  Well, that’s the end of the day, which might suggest that by the end of the day you (Sabina) have caught up,” you, the reader, might be saying.

“So, what in the world is that photo of two old byplanes supposed to mean?” you might be asking.

“Well,” I answer, “I’m crazy about old planes… I had the opportunity to write a biography of a local early pilot, using his family photos, letters and journals.  It was a grand time, writing that story. It resulted in my book Cloud Busters, which sold quite a few copies in my area.  I first had submitted the manuscript to a few publishers, but was told the story was too local, so I self-published.   And I’m glad.  What I did was create a reference to early aviation in my region, which is how my book is now regarded.  Since I am so into history, that was enough for me!  (I would have liked tons of money, but had to settle for being a good reference.)

The photo also can be interpreted as one pilot trying to keep up with the other, so there is a small and somewhat tenuous connection to my theme.   Anyway, I like old planes and wanted it there.

“That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it,” someone (I can’t recall who) said.


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