Postcards in My Life

Somebody said this was “Postcard Sunday.”  So I thought about it and recalled three postcards that support some facets of my life.  Not all, of course, for I am a multi-faceted person (!).  (Sorry, that should have been a smiley face.)

So, first of all, I love to travel in my travel trailer.  My husband drives it, for I do not tow well.  One of the trips west we took crossed the Oregon Trail.  What a thrill to walk along trails those intrepid pioneers took.  So, here is the first postcard.  Kind of funny, we thought, when we bought it.

Rush Hour


Another of my all-consuming activities is the historical society in my community.  The Society owns an old house that’s on the National Register.  Among the postcards that were made locally from 1909 (which seems to have been a banner year for postcards) is this one.  We love the message, “Here I am in Fairview taking in the sights.”  The sights, as you can see, are a few businesses along one street. Houses and churches filled the secondary streets.  Not much has changed, except that now the road is paved.

Here I am


Finally, a long-time activity of mine is writing a comprehensive biography of a showman who wintered just down the road from Fairview.  He was the biggest thing in show business (circuses, actually) for about 20 years in the mid 1800s.  One of the cities that loved him was New Orleans.  Well, I found this postcard in an antique shop; the explanation on the back indicated that the house had been there for nearly 200 years. As I bought it I thought to myself, “I’ll bet my guy walked these streets, stopped into this house and visited with the folks who lived there.”  I like to think so, anyway, and it gives me a closer connection to him somehow.  Someday I hope to finish this biography and find a publisher!

DR postcard


And now, as you can see, fellow bloggers, I’m trying hard, and barely keeping up with the assignments!


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