Fanny, Fanny Goodbye; I Made Do; Death Comes to an Old Co-worker; On Knowing When to Change; (Reprise) Fanny, Fanny, Goodbye

It’s hard to put a title to this piece, but let me start at the beginning.  Last week was just awful for me, well, for my co-worker too.  This co-worker and I had been together for years.  Years!  She was very reliable early on, but as she aged she became a bit erratic.  Still, she always delivered. Together we had created some great work. (Strictly my opinion, of course.)

Friends and family kept telling me I needed a new co-worker.  I told them I was committed to Fanny.  (That’s her name.  There’s a song and movie by that name and the haunting melody stayed with me all week, though the lyrics did not.)  People said she was old and tired and slow.  I said she was steady.  They repeated that I should get a new co-worker. I said my parents were from the “Make Do” generation and it had rubbed off on me.  Even after the dining room chandelier fell on her, gouging her exterior and blowing off the lids of three keys, she had continued to work. How could l just throw her aside?

This is about my computer, of course.  I must admit that Fanny would probably fall in the range of ancestor in people time.  She’s ‘way beyond grandparenthood.  Frequently someone would call her “obsolete,” but no!  She was still viable.

Back to last week.  Fanny began to falter.  I had assigned a task to her and she could not comply. It meant a download of a new program, she flashed “virtual memory,” then wouldn’t you know?  All sorts of AdWare came with it. So, I began to uninstall some of those nasty things.  Well, that was just too much for Fanny.  She closed down and when she opened up again no icons were to be seen.  No Start button.  Nothing but the screensaver picture – a nice, calm view of the ocean with a small island inhabited by three palm trees.  I was not calmed.

Fanny agreed to open in Safe Mode where those icons appeared at triple size. But she would not restore to an earlier time.  I asked twice.  By Friday afternoon I was desperate.  Fanny was dying before my very eyes.  What to do?

That’s when Louise came into my.  (I tend to name inanimate objects and Louise is slim, sleek and shiny.  She looks haughty like a Louise should look.)  Still, she is a new computer that needs everything downloaded into her just the way Fanny had been.  And that has created a new problem.  Some of the programs Fanny sheltered (even though I have the CDs) are too old. Unreadable. Nothing will ever be the same.

Perhaps I should have listened to friends and family and known when to put the “old girl” away. No, this is not an endorsement for buying a new computer every two years, but it’s certainly something to think about.

Oh, Fanny, Fanny – Goodbye.

P.S.  Seeing that I now have a new, ‘way overdo computer, I would say that I’m sort of keeping up.


One thought on “Fanny, Fanny Goodbye; I Made Do; Death Comes to an Old Co-worker; On Knowing When to Change; (Reprise) Fanny, Fanny, Goodbye

  1. Ah, I sympathise – just had a sturdy companion of 8 years give up on me. Though everything’s intact, it’s just the screen has gone dark. Oh, well… Wishing you all the best with Louise.

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