My Favorite Fantasy Place

About a week ago someone asked where my favorite fantasy place was.  I thought about it briefly, knowing exactly where it was, but did not write about it then. Now I will.

I’ve often thought I would like to look something like a young Rachel Welch, long-legged, big-bosomed, with white, white teeth and, as mentioned – young.  Why Rachel?  Well, I’m not really up-to-date on the current crop of long-legged beauties.

I envision myself on a South Pacific island, lying in a hammock, being served delicious, iced drinks by a dark-eyed, curly-haired, and, of course, handsome waiter.  He would also bring light snacks from time to time and see to it that if I fell asleep my drink did not spill all over me and a page marker would be in the book I was reading.  The book would be a deeply engrossing action-mystery.  A Jack Reacher, or Virgil Flowers tale, or a by-the-rules Joe Pickett story.  I might even have a courtroom drama at my elbow ready to go.

This hammock would be hung between palm trees with soft grass below in case I dumped out during my nap.  When evening came I would move into my little cabin and sit in the screen enclosed porch to receive the breezes blowing in from Shanghai or some other exotic locale.  For company,  my husband (current and only) would visit to chat and do other things.

Sometimes I would walk along the beach to a little village about two miles away and buy trinkets. Sometimes my husband would accompany me, sometimes not, but only at my bidding.

Once I had thought this idyllic location would be in the south-eastern U.S., but now I know it would be so humid there I I could not be outside in the summer, so I have moved this location to the South Pacific, where the ocean breezes would refresh me.

So. My favorite fantasy place would have me as a young, exciting woman (‘way taller than I am). with two men – one candy for the eye and one whom I actually love – and all the books I could ever want to read.  Did I mention that the little village would have a library with the largest collection of mysteries (and histories in case I also needed some enlightenment) in the world?

I think that other than being dated as far as Rachel goes, I’m keeping up with this fantasy.


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