My Bleeding Heart

I guess I am one of those bleeding heart types.  These are folks who hurt over all sorts of injustice… We hurt for people who are accused and mistreated for no reason at all except for the color their skin or their religious belief or the origin of their birth or because they have brown eyes or whatever.  How often we retell the injustices of Hitler’s Germany, and yet, his separating of the masses into different groups and singling some out for hatefulness is just what’s happening here in the U.S.

Well, in the case of black people, that’s been going on since the beginning of this country.  With the anniversary of the March in Selma just behind us, so, too, is another shooting of a black teen.  My heart goes out to those parents and all the others who have lost their young sons.  How frightful it must be to take aside your young boy just entering his teens and tell him how he must behave while out in public so as not to bring attention to himself or give cause to be arrested for a ridiculous offense.  Whites tell their sons to behave in public, yes, but don’t need to bring  up the idea of not wearing a hoody, or a cap, or to look up or to look defiant or run or just generally behave like a teen-aged boy.  Actually, I cannot imagine what all is included in “the talk.”

I have a son and I did not fear that he would be shot by the police every time he left the house, and for that I am very grateful.  While the Justice Department did not find Officer Wilson guilty of murder in the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, it did find the police department guilty of discrimination and racial profiling.  And this has been going on for quite awhile.

Recently it seems as though other discrimination is on the rise.  The politician who killed himself over rumors that he was Jewish… Didn’t we overcome anti-Semitism?  Is there still an active “Gentlemen’s Agreement”?  If so, how could I not know this?  Am I naive or just not keeping up?

Oscar Hammerstein II wrote a song about the subject in South Pacific… “You have to be taught.”  When we hold hatred and anger in our hearts we spread it to our children and they to theirs.

My bleeding heart believes it would be a more perfect world if we actually practiced what we said in our Constitution, that we are “created equal.”  This goes for all minorities – all are equal – and yes, this includes women!



One thought on “My Bleeding Heart

  1. Excellent post. The older I get the more I see that change is really much more long time coming than I believed when I was young. I refuse to lose my optimism, but racism seems to be such a virulent and deeply imbedded in human DNA virus, mutating into so many varieties and that it resists all attempts to eradicate it.

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