Snow, snow, snow.

old snow

Here’s the thing.  I am not an outdoorsy person.  And I don’t like winter very much.  I neither ski downhill, ice skate nor cross-country ski. Nor do I play volleyball, tennis or badminton.  It’s the same indoors – no basketball, no target practice, no darts or bowling.  The closest I get to participating in a sport is at the ping pong table. But, three or four volleys and I’ve had enough.

It’s not a health issue.  It’s an interest issue.

I would so much rather be reading a good mystery than anything else.  The local branch of my county library is fast running out of books I have not read.  Since I tend to forget titles I created a list of authors and their books that I have read and carry it with me when I visit the library.  On line I check Fantasy Author regularly to see if my favorites are publishing anything soon.  It would be nice if they could write as fast as I can read; if so there would always be a new book ready for my attention.

But wait, I’ve gone astray.  The photo shows the snow that still remains near my driveway.  It’s dirty, pocked and refuses to go away.  The only time snow is beautiful is when it falls the Sunday evening after Thanksgiving then a light fall Christmas Eve and all gone by December 27.  That’s it.  Please note that I’m taking traveling families into consideration with these dates.

But I live in an area where skiing of one kind or another is a major sport.  In the summer these same locations offer golf.  I don’t do that either.

Now, what is this bit of fluff really about?  Deep down it’s the water shortage in California, which is frightening.  My youngest child lives there, all grown up, of course, and I worry about what the future will bring for that state as well as her.  Some of her neighbors have backyard pools.  Will they be able to fill them?  Can she water her plants?  Wash her car?  Hose down the driveway?  Or even wash the spiders off her siding.  Here where I live there is plenty of water.  The rumor recently circulated that we will start shipping our water west.  Wait a minute now, how will that work?  Will there be leaks in the pipes as there are in gas and oil pipes?  Does that mean that beneath those leaky pipes there will be green grass growing despite the drought?  Something to think about!

I learned years ago while traveling in my RV that water is the most important thing needed for a successful camping trip. Not electricity, as I had assumed, but water.  It’s vital, vital.

This global weather change is showing up in many ways.  It’s too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer.  There’s no happy medium and spring is almost none existent here.  Fall is still nice, but how soon will that change too?

I applaud Governor Jerry Brown for taking steps to reduce water usage in his state.  He could go further and probably will do so in the future.  For, without water, what is there?

I only wish we could ship some of this ugly snow west for them.  We would all benefit.  How’s that for keeping up?


One thought on “Snow, snow, snow.

  1. I like your snow philosophy! If there were a way to enforce that, that would be great! Haha. There was snow in New York up to March, although somehow it’s getting cold again … I’m ready for warmth!

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