We all know that things aren’t working right.  In so many ways.  Our politicians refuse to compromise, our young black men are being shot down by police or arrested in alarming numbers for minor offenses, our poor are unable to find life-supporting work, our sick are in need of better health care, our women are not valued, our mentally ill seem to run rampant in the streets… Well, I guess we all know the list.

What’s the answer?  Is there an answer?

After World War II our soldiers returned and built a nation.  Many continued their service locally all the way to the top of the political ladder.  Many served in Congress.  Maybe that helped keep us out of so many skirmishes and conflicts; they knew about war and its effects.

They didn’t become “the Greatest Generation” for nothing!  They were working to make America a great nation, at home just as it had been abroad.

Honor Roll face

So now what?  It would seem that greed is uppermost on the minds of many of our elected officials.  They don’t buck the big banks or the gun manufacturers or whoever else is paying for their campaigns, etc.  Maybe, if some of our returning veterans – those who volunteered because they wanted to make a difference and serve their country – would step up and serve again perhaps we might get control of our out-of-control country.

If not, there is always that limited term idea, but there we lose the value of those elected legislators who provide continuity and history.

Surely there is an answer to the violence within our country, Americans killing Americans.  Americans hating Americans.  This is not the land of the free and the home of the brave.  It appears to be more like a third-world country.  Our gentle, treat-others-as-we-want-to-be-treated ways have disappeared.

Somebody help!



Hello again.  Sorry to be quiet for so long, but I’ve been in one zone or another for months.  Zones… that came from a Daily Post awhile back.  Every suggestion in those posts is interesting and under consideration here at my new computer (Louise).  Some are filed away for future use.

“Zone” was a good one to keep.  I seem to tackle things with intensity… or tunnel vision, one might call it.  Whatever it is, it has my full concentration.

So now is a respite and while I have a chance I will express a concern I have.  (Did you notice?  The word “I” appeared three times in that one sentence.)  That’s a problem I’m having with blogs.  I would so much prefer to be using the literary or 4th Estate “we.”  Another way around it would be to put everything in passive voice and boy! We don’t like that at all!

Let’s see.  Where were we?  Oh, yes.  Zones.  There was that January All-Blogs Zone. One of the perks to writing blogs is that we began reading several other blogs that interested us.  Now, they follow us, we follow them.  How nice.

Then came the February Depths-of-Despair Zone.  This was when good ol’ Fanny (our old computer) became deathly ill, which resulted in purchasing a new one (Louise, as mentioned earlier) and bringing her up to speed.

In March we began to prepare for the annual Summer Exhibit Zone at the local historical society.  Research, writing, downloading free-to-use photos, publicity, etc., etc.  It is titled War’s End, thus the photo with this blog.


By Memorial Day we were all written out.  But no!  There’s that Facebook thing we tend for the Historical Society.  And there was a presentation on our book Passage to Liverpool. (Yes, it’s self-published.)

Next up?  A two-week trip put us in a Travel Zone, which required reading brochures about our (Rock is going too) destination, making reservations, etc., etc.  Imagine the time this took!  Travel agents used to do this. Are there still travel agents or is that person like the buggy whip maker – obsolete?

In August we’ll be giving a lecture on a subject dear to our (well, my, really) heart.  It’s about a circus showman of the mid 1800s who was incredibly talented.  He had a flawed character, of course, which makes him very interesting.  We have been writing short pieces about him for nearly 20 years and are about three-quarters of the way through a full-length bio.  Just one aspect of his life is the topic of this Upcoming Lecture Zone.

After that, well, the Holidays Zone – Labor Day, Grandparents Day, Halloween, Veteran’s Day (formerly called Armistice Day), Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve.  They all require a certain amount of thought.  Fortunately, they don’t all require gifts.  Tut, tut.  Our miserly side is showing.

What all this whining reveals is that we only seem able to do one thing, or be in one zone at a time.  And even then, we’re barely keeping up!