Here I am again after sloughing (or is that sluffing?) off all summer.  Not completely, though.  I wrote multiple short paragraphs for two Facebook accounts during the summer as well as scripts for several presentations.  A little creativity was going on, but not much.  I would call it the “Summer of My Discontent,” or “Endless Summer,” or “Summertime,” or “The Long Hot Summer,” or even “The Best of Times and the Worst of Times.,”  (Thanks to all who wrote these words and titles originally.)

Well, what did happen this past summer?  I didn’t sit on the patio with the retractable awning very often.  It was cold, cold in the early part of the summer, then hot, hot.


Besides that, Rock and I weren’t home much.  We celebrated a significant anniversary this year and our children gave us a week’s vacation in one of the last two states we had never visited.  We have a travel trailer and had been to all the contiguous states in it but Arizona and New Mexico.  We cruised to Alaska and flew to Hawaii, so these two southwestern states were really the last of the 50.  The kids gave us a week in Arizona.  Going there in the summer is not advisable.  I know it’s a “dry heat,” but 113 degrees is hot, dry or not. Still, it was simply great, despite the weather.  We had never seen the Grand Canyon, and just as so many before us has described, it is “indescribable.”

jr at gc

Before returning home, on our own we rented a car and drove to New Mexico – Albuquerque, mostly – though we saw quite a bit along the way.  It was much cooler there, only 102 degrees.  Both states have so much to offer.  And we enjoyed every minute of it, because chances are we will never get to either in our trailer.

Ah, the trailer.  After years in a too-shady site in the campground where we leave it, there were so many leaks and problems that we moved it to our granddaughter’s house (with a long, level driveway and empty garage).  Then we tore out the rear bedroom and totally replaced the floor.  When we returned it to the campground we put it on a sunny site.  We’re caulking everything and we are hopeful there will be no more leaks.  At least in our lifetime. We are thinking that instead of a travel trailer we now have a destination trailer.  That’s okay.  The campground is lovely and the folks there are pretty nice, too.


That leads me to the last item.  Rock and I have spent a good many years together.  We’re not getting any younger, but then – surprise! – nobody is.  So, there’s another song that comes to mind as we head into fall and winter… “The days grow short when you reach September… These precious days, I’ll spend with you.”  Thanks, Kurt Weill and Maxwell Anderson. A perfect sentiment.

Rock and I plan to make every minute worthwhile.  Something new and fun, fine, interesting and wonderful.

So, rounding up, we will both work at keeping up.

P.S.  Is anyone watching this incredible political story?  How many candidates for one position are too many?  How many lies can one candidate tell without being called on it?  More later!