Tweets, Comments and Blogs

I have spent the last two weeks preparing for a presentation on my book “Passage to Liverpool.”  Yes, it’s about the Lusitania and a local man who took that fateful voyage..  I’m self-published, you know. Long ago I was told repeatedly (I take rejection well) that my books were too localized.  Somehow I had been led to believe that when the Lusitania sank it was of world-wide interest.

At any rate, I finally got my talk sliced and diced to about 42 minutes.  Generally when I give a presentation it’s over an hour, but most folks don’t like to sit that long, no matter the topic.  And I have several.

The point of this is that my tweets, comments and posts have fallen behind.  Actually, I have to admit that I’m not good at tweeting.  My cell phone is mostly that – a phone.  It’s a Trac Phone and though I supppose I could get online with it, I haven’t.  It’s turned off most of the time anyway and only used when I want to call out  It has lots of minutes on it that will continue to grow with my non-use.

Even on my new computer (Louise, I’ve mentioned her before) I don’t tweet and I’m thinking it’s really because I haven’t mastered this yet.  There’s no certainty that what I’ve just said in 140 words, or whatever, got out,  (You can figure that I probably will say here that I’m barely keeping up with tweeting.)  (Figure that I said it.)

Comments, now that’s something different.  Commenting on someone else’s blog is almost as good as blogging, and several other bloggers are seeing my comments.  It’s amazing how some can post a blog every day. Try as I will there’s not that much I have to say.  Every day I read the Daily Post and think, do I have something to contribute on this subject?  Nah, not yet.  But every one of those ideas is appreciated because I do ponder them, even though I set them aside.  Still , they start me thinking.

I follow several bloggers.  Some are fanciful and clever, some are about history, some are deep and soul-searching, some agonize over writing, some are sweet, some a bit funny…Well, they have quite a range of topics and talents.  Each one is enjoyable in its own way and though I don’t comment on each one, I do read them.

This is not much of a blog, I have to admit.  It does not contain great wisdom, clever repartee, deep insight or incredible history,  It doesn’t express my feelings on the current state of unrest, or political skulduggery or world disasters.  It’s just an excuse for being absent. The dog ate it.  My brother sat on it and tore it.  I left it in my pocket and my mother washed it.  None of these apply.

I was busy elsewhere.  Seems like I can only do one thing at a time.  It’s hard keeping up.