Being so busy watching, listening and reading  the “breaking news” constantly on TV, radio and the newspapers, I had not noticed the silence of our daughter-in law on Facebook.  Turns out, she wasn’t  silent at all.  She’s all for Trump!  And I’m all against.

I’ve been defriended!

Some time back I wrote a blog about our friends slipping away from us over this election and the candidates.  Now I see, it’s not just in my back yard, but in my house as well.  (Not literally, of course, she has her own home!)

Our daughter-in-law works for a company where the local union is for Trump and that’s enough for her.  She’s also very religious and the Democratic stand on abortion is abhorrent to her.  I don’t think she’s as adamant about owning guns, but some of her co-workers do own them, so that could be another issue.

She won’t discuss it with me.  She has chosen to be silent and not get into an argument.  Our son, however, is a registered Democrat, who is wishy-washy on the subject.  And she could change him if she wanted to.

As someone interested in history, I am aware of how volatile presidential campaigns can be.  Still, I’d like to think that a person deciding on how to vote looks at the whole picture, not just an issue or two.  For example, how we vote will affect the Supreme Court and will reverberate for generations.

How can we be an enlightened country in the world when we have such unenlightened policies?  We don’t value minorities – which includes women – the same as we do white men.  How can that be?  How is it that we have not had a woman president up to this point?

We have a Congress that is so deadlocked that it does nothing.  How can we remain the greatest country in the world if we do not act… do not compromise… do not care?  Greed has replaced our once great vision for our country. Where are our “great statesmen”?

Our “manifest destiny” is about to wither.  I weep over the possible outcome of this election.  I weep over lost friends and family.  I weep for the future of my grandchildren.  I struggle with the issues, but can barely keep up with it all.

Besides that, I’ve been defriended!


Sunday Dinner

As far back as I can remember Sunday dinner was a really special meal.  It might be hash during the week, but on Sunday it was a big beef roast, with potatoes, and gravy and all the other food groups.  Or it could be a roast chicken, with mashed potatoes and gravy and all the other food groups.  And dessert.  Always dessert.  My mother made the best pie.

And before dinner was church.  Sometimes my mfamily dinnerother stayed home from church to finish up a really special meal. Whether or not, the dinner the rest of the family came home to was always wonderful.

As a kid I liked the whole experience implied by the name.  Sunday dinner. A weekly meal when we all sat down together and talked together, sharing our weekly activities, our experiences, our laughs, our unhappy moments and even a hint about our regrets.   As a teen I grumped about sharing except when the focus was on me.  Typical reaction.  As a college student I had plenty of attention when I came home, so it didn’t matter as much that the rest of the family was getting some too.  As an adult, I appreciated that the other, now scattered family members were sharing a glimpse into their lives.  Then, as a wife and mother I was pleased that my immediate family all received “airtime” at the table when we visited.  All so typical, I suppose, but we were a typical American family.  No major issues among us.

This is a tradition that, as a wife and mother, I carried on in my immediate family.  We always met for Sunday dinner, no matter how involved the children were in something else – sports, music, movies, friends and more.  Fortunately, they grew up before the advent of ipads and iphones.  My reaction would have been to put these devices down or they would be taken away.  I was tough.

I’m pleased that my oldest child (also female) is continuing the tradition.  My other two children are not on a regular basis.  As it is convenient, I suppose, or the urge to make the effort is greater than not.

During my childhood Sunday dinner was one of those traditions that was a mainstay.  There were a great many traditions as I was growing up.  Among them were courtesy to others, caring about the underdog, polite behavior when in public.  Oh, pockets of these traits may remain, but it would seem the “general public” has set these aside to embrace controversy and even hatred instead.  Maybe it’s that the media is focusing on the hateful actions of others more than ever – and maybe not.  Maybe it’s that more media exists today and 24-hour coverage must include something controversial – maybe not.

Still, what is happening today in our public life is not traditional.  How far have we (the universal we) come in moving away from our traditions?  Yes, even to whom we elect as our president. We are looking at choices now that are so non-traditional it is staggering.  Surely that crazy man named Trump is putting us on!  Surely no one can be that obnoxious in real life.  Now, electing a woman is fine with me.  It’s about time.  But why such a controversial woman?  Then there’s the Socialist who’s running as a Democrat.  Wow.  What a field of candidates to choose from.

Our president has said, “That’s now who we are,” but I’m thinking, “Maybe it didn’t used to be, but it seems like it is now.”

Just now everything is politics.  But like Sunday dinner, “politics” is no longer traditional.


This is my seventh blog since the first of the year, but the first I have published.  Why? Well, for one thing, all the others sound like I’m whining.  Which I am.  So, what’s the problem?

Well!  The race for president of the United States has already begun.  The candidates for one party have sunk so low that it’s disgusting.  Yes, I’m whining.  How can anyone be proud of such behavior?  And it’s getting worse.  If one of them is elected, how can we as Americans be proud of our president?  What crazy thing will he do?  How much trouble will he make for our country?

U S Flag

I would like to write something profound, something that would turn around all those who are in favor of such candidates, make them see the ridiculousness and even the danger of it.  But nothing profound comes to mind.

Am I still whining?  Probably. Actually I’m heartsick.  I can’t see the future as anything but glum if any of these extreme candidates should become president.  Yes, there are some moderates running, but they are not as charismatic with the crowds.  And the candidates react to those crowds, speaking and acting even more wildly.

So I’m also disgusted with many of my fellow Americans.

Whine, whine.  Nothing profound here.

To My Dream Reader

Hello, there, Dream Reader,

I’m glad to see that you are back for another dose of my clever intellect, observations, comments and satire.  Boy, I wish I could manage all that!  Whether I do or not, it’s nice to know that you will read and approve my blog no matter what I say.  Because of that I must try to make every blog worth reading.

Today is a sad day in Paris.  Was it just last month that Australia was experiencing a sad day?  It seems the world is experiencing these sad days too often.  Whether these assassins are religious fanatics, spurred on by racial hatred, the act of an unbalanced person off their meds or overzealous (and over weaponed) police, it happens too often.  What’s the common denominator?  Guns, mostly.

Now, I don’t think everyone should surrender all their guns to law enforcement. But some form of control would help to curb this death-by-bullet time we are living through.  What happens outside the borders of America is someone else’s business, but what happens here is of prime interest to me.  And to you, I would hope, Dream Reader.  Together, and with others who feel this way we should be able to convince our elected officials that we as a people want more control of guns.   Of buying them, selling them, buying guns that expend multiple shots at once, etc., etc.  Let’s be reasonable. Let’s be sensible.  If we cannot convince Congress that we matter more than gun manufacturers, then let us convince our local officials.  This could be a “ground swell” in every community, then every county, then build from there.

So, here in the community where I live the local city council just voted to allow guns to be carried in the parks.  What? Children are in those parks.  Why in the world do we need guns in parks?  Here’s where to start, at the local level.  Dream Reader, if you live a community such as this, you can start a movement to eliminate guns in public places.  That’s the first step.  Good luck.

And hurry back, Dream Reader.  I’ll be here.